Javier Celaya

Javier has over 20 years experience in marketing and communication counselling. He has extensive experience in the application of new technologies in communication and marketing strategies. Javier is the founder of the cultural portal Dosdoce.com and author of the blog Comunicación Cultural. Over the last five years, Javier Celaya has collaborated on training and communication projects for institutions. Javier is author of several books: “Corporate strategies in the web 2.0” (Gestión 2000 – Grupo Planeta, 2008); “Business Communicaction 2.0” (BPMO Ediciones, 2007) and “Blogs in corporate communications” (BPMO Ediciones, 2006). His epecialties are Digitalization counselling, Marketing online, Communications counselling, Social Media Training

He holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Columbia University in New York and BS degree from Boston College.