Digital conversion

Whether you have a PDF, a Word or an inDesign file, at The Spanish Digital Link we can convert them into a digital format to be sold and read everywhere.

  • eBook formats

Most of the big eBook retailers require the books to be delivered to them in ePub format, but each one has it’s own specs. We assess you on the best formats to convert your books, depending on the shops where you want to sell, the file format submitted, the number of pages in the book and the amount of graphic elements (photographs, artwork, illustrations, charts, tables, graphs, etc.) included in your book.

eBook deliverables include:

– Internal figure and table callout linking
– Internal citation linking
– Images, tables, and display equations sized for correct display
– Images converted to the proper resolution for eBook
– External linking for wireless devices

  • Covers

Adaption of your print book cover for Visual Marketing

Cover resizing adapted to the different platforms specifications

      • Apps

We want you to reach as many readers as possible. That’s why we offer you the conversion of your books into Apps to be sold in the App Store and in Google Play. We can also produce tailor made dynamic apps depending on your needs.

Audio enhancement
      • Music

Have you produced your own lyrics and music for your books? Provide us with the sound tracks and we will insert the music.

      • Locution

If you want to make your children books look more attractive, we can add the ‘Read Aloud’ option. The text will be enlightened while a voice reads it. We have a team of native professionals that can produce the locution of your books in different languages. You will be able to choose the kind of voice you prefer: young, old, masculine, feminine…


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