At TSDL we take special care to set the most complete and SEO adapted metadata for our eBooks. Our service DataLibri is devoted to advising and managing metadata for books.

It’s the information on the Book that must be provided to retailers, librarians and “social book cataloging” sites, like Goodreads or Shelfari, to help them sell or catalogue it. This information also helps potential readers to discover that eBook and to learn what it’s about.

There are two broad types of book metadata:

  • Core metadata includes essential information such as the title, price, author, category (classification), and so on.
  • Enhanced metadata is marketing-related. It includes concepts like blurbs, author bios, quotes from reviews, sample chapters, etc.

In order to achieve this, we can provide our clients with:


Our copywriters will write the copy needed for the enhanced metadata (blurbs, author bios, quotes from reviews, sample chapters, etc.) always adapted to SEO.

CSV files

In case you decide to distribute and sell your eBooks by your own, we can provide you with a CSV file containing all the metadata, both core and enhanced.


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