Erotic Gamebooks

Erotic Gamebooks

Publisher: Publishing rights available in all languages except for Spanish

Author: Erotic Appetite

Format: Paper, eBook

Services given by The Spanish Digital Link

The Spanish Digital Link is the literary agent of Erotic Appetite, a Spanish publisher specialized on gamebooks.

The rights for Spanish language have recently been sold to Harlequin Iberica, the Spanish branch of Harlequin.

Publishing rights are available for all languages except for Spanish.

For further information download the Erotica Appetite dossier or send a message to TSDL 


What is a digital erotic gamebook?

  • Tecnologically speaking, it is a conventional ebook in which hiperlinks within the same book abound.
  • Opposite to a conventional book, it is not read from beginning to end. It is the reader who makes choices thatlead her to different parts of the book while discovering one version of the story.
  • From a literary point of view it is a novel that, instead of having just one course of action has many different ones.The story is born from a single starting point but later on, different plots are suggested. It is a meta-novel that offersvarious different stories with the same characters within a single book.
  • Another difference in comparison with a conventional novel is that a gamebook always offers various endings wich

close the different suggested plots.
• Erotic Gamebooks published in the US.:

Your fantasy, your rules Collection from Harper Collins

– A girl walks into a wedding, by Helena S. Paige
– A girl walks into a bar, by Helena S. Paige


Key features in Gamebooks

  1. Innovative format: Gamebooks have been barely used outside of the genre of fantastic and juvenile literature. However, they can work especially well with other kind of genres for adults.
  2. The format of gamebooks allows for the proper exploration of the advantages of digital editions, in this time of blooming for digital reading.
  3. Enthusiastic target: erotic fiction readers. The opportunity to offer a radically different element trough well-stabli- shed means of publishing and distribution for that particular segment.
  4. Comeback of the interest in gamebooks as a format worth recovering both online and offline.